President Obama will meet with Jordan’s King today. Do Obama & the leading presidential candidates truly understand the magnitude of the threat ISIS poses to Jordan?

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On Wednesday, President Obama is scheduled to meet at the White House with Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

Let’s hope things go better than last month.

In January, Mr. Obama snubbed the Hashemite monarch on his visit to Washington. The White House initially said the President was too busy to meet with the King. In the end, the President spent a mere five minutes with His Majestyat Andrews Air Force Base before departing on a political trip.

Administration officials insisted that no slight was intended. It was just a busy week. But the damage had already been done. The President had made time to be interviewed by NBC’s Matt Lauer and welcome the TODAY Show on a tour of the White House. But he had refused to a serious, substantive meeting with the West’s most important and faithful Sunni Arab ally a priority, and America’s allies and enemies were watching.


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NIFI salutes Jim Shannon MP

We salute Jim Shannon MPs contribution to the recent Westminster Hall debate on the UN commission’s report on Gaza.

Jim made clear the UN’s history of dealing with this issue has been so biased. Any international report should address the causes of on-going conflict and seek to restore peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

Jim Shannon

Such a report would need to address the aspirations of Hamas and more extremist groups in Gaza, who want to do with the Jews what is happening to other religious and ethnic groups across the Middle East – either slaughter them or force them to flight.

That sad truth should cause Mark Durkan MP and others to reflect on their suggestion that Israel should be subjected to an arms embargo. Israel is a small democratic state which has Hamas, Hezbolla, Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad etc on its borders.

How would Mark like his own constituency…

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ISIS is slaughtering Arab Christians. Why are churches in the West so quiet? Here’s one way you can help.

Too distressing!

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Are you praying for the persecuted Christians in the Mideast? Is there more you can do? Are you praying for the persecuted Christians in the Mideast? Is there more you can do?

(Central Israel) — When my family and I moved to Israel in mid-August, we did so amidst a jihadist onslaught against the Jewish State. The third Gaza war was underway. Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza were firing more than 4,000 rockets, missiles and mortars at Israeli civilians, including Jews, Muslims and Christians.

That said, Israel was (and remains) one of the safest places to be in the Middle East this year, and not just for Jews but for Christians, as well.

Christians are being persecuted and even slaughtered throughout the epicenter. Israel and Jordan are safe havens. But from Syria to Iraq to Iran and beyond, the Radical Islamic jihadist offensive against followers of Jesus Christ is fierce and unrelenting. Indeed, as I’ve written about in recent months, we are seeing genocidal conditions emerging in thisregion against the Christians.


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I support Gov. Huckabee & Penny Nance and their “Rally For Israel” on Oct. 5 in Washington. Please plan to attend.

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(Washington, D.C.) — Recently in Jerusalem, I had a quiet breakfast with Governor Mike Huckabee. Among other issues, we discussed how to mobilize more Americans to support Israel and urge the President and his administration to stand faithfully with Israel, America’s best friend and ally in the Middle East, as she faces threats on nearly all sides from Radical Islamic extremists.

The Governor graciously invited me to help him with a “Rally For Israel” at the U.S. Capitol on October 5th. I said I’d be happy to do so. This week here in Washington, D.C., I met with another co-sponsor, Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women for America and a long-time friend, to discuss the event and how I might be able to help.

Here are the details. Please plan to attend and bring many family and friends with you.

All summer, Israel has faced a jihadist offensive from Hamas…

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